The Imhoff's

A friend recently asked me about whether or not I think I view weddings differently than the average person since I see so many of them. Yes, I know this is a family post not a wedding post but hang in there until the end. While it was a great question that really got me thinking, I won’t get into all of my thoughts on that now. One major thought that stood out to me though was that wedding days are super special, they signify one of the greatest commitments, if not the greatest commitment one is to make in their life. It’s not only important to the couple but the family and friends that love and support that couple individually and together. All that being said, I think that each and every day AFTER the wedding is just as important. The wedding may mark the beginning of your life together but the life together... that’s the part to hone in on. The couple in this family album is in the “life together” phase of life. They have three super cute, blue eyes kids. I can’t say I know their marriage, that’s personal and that’s for them, but I do know my own and what doing life together looks like. It’s beautiful, it’s silly, it’s honest, it’s hardly ever black and white, it can be chaotic (especially when you add little people into the mix☺️) it’s... ours, the life we chose together. 
I once tossed around the idea of solely being an engagement and wedding photographer but I can’t give up photographing families. I love family photography too much. As a wife and a mom I see all the beauty in the weddings but in the life after them too and I want to capture all of it.

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