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The littlest one pictured in this album was a bit of a rare bird for her age. She smiled and giggled for the ENTIRE HOUR long shoot we had. 

If you have a shoot coming up with a little one then keep reading for some tips on how to prepare for your shoot before hand to get the most smiles out of your baby. As a parent of 19 month old boy and as a family photographer I’ve picked up on a few things worth sharing. 

- The best time to shoot is going to be an hour before sunset for lighting purposes but yes, this means your shoot will be close to bed time. Try to keep your day leading up to the shoot as routine as possible. Really try to get those naps in. My little guy Jack is a different being without a nap than he is having had one. 

- Bring that toy that captures your little one’s attention. Maybe even bring a new one that you think they would be into. I can hold it over my camera or someone on hand can. 

- Pack a bottle, a pouch or a snack depending on what stage your child is in. We all know the only way to calm a hangry baby is to feed them. Little snacks work as good bribes for toddlers too... just saying. 

- Baby bug repellent. Florida can be buggy and can turn a great mood into an irritated mood. If you aren’t comfortable applying repellent onto your child they make repellent wrist bands and key chains we can keep near the baby. 

- Lastly and most importantly, bring a calm and “go with the flow” attitude. You can do everything right but sometimes your poor baby may be teething or may just not be feeling it. This is when I pull out all my tricks. We will focus on candid shots and I’ll provide prompts for interacting with your baby in attempt to get the shot. I have also been known to chase the high energy babes around who are pained by the idea of sitting or standing in one place. 

Again, this sweet little girl was a bit of a rarity so don’t feel discouraged and pleaseeee don’t feel embarrassed if things don’t go exactly as imagined. I witness a lot of smiles but I also witness a ton of real life moments. 

File these pointers away as you prepare for your shoot with your little guy or girl in hopes of getting as many smiley, gummy pictures as possible.

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