Leah & Heath

I had a fun connection with Heath and Leah before their wedding day. While corresponding during the planning process, Leah informed me that years back I photographed her soon to be sister in-laws wedding on the very same beach at the very same access. I remembered the couple she was referring to to be so sweet and respectful and just good people. I had a gut feeling that Heath & Leah would be exactly the same and they sure were. Despite the terrifying chance that there would be a merciless storm the entire day of their wedding, we were given a window to work with and both Heath and Leah, although they had to be some level of stressed (who wouldn’t be given the conditions) they didn’t seem it at all. They just seemed excited that their day had come and ready to say “I do!”

Heath & Leah, I wish you two a very happy and prosperous future together!

Coordinator - Siesta Key Weddings & Events