Marcum Family

Summer time in Florida always keeps my clients and I on our toes when it comes to the weather, often times up until the very last minute. I happened to get to our location 30 minutes early, Megan Marcum and I were texting about a storm that was headed for us and began debating if it was worth it to try. We decided to just go for it and jump straight to the priority shots. She told me she and her family could get to the beach in 15 minutes. Fifteen minutes later her, her husband and three beautiful kids rolled up, my camera was already out, we literally ran out to the beach and started shooting. Right as I began to feel comfortable with the quality and amount of images I got of the 5 of them, her parents showed up, we got a strong handful with them in various combinations and then just in time her sister and her little family arrived and it was go time for them. I think we all surprised and impressed ourselves. What’s the take away? If it’s looking like rain… show up anyway! We just may pull it off.

Megan MahoneyComment