Emily & Austin

We said our farewell’s, I congratulated them one last time and began packing my bag. When I got up to walk toward my car I noticed this bomb looking vintage convertible pulled up literally almost ON the beach. I thought to myself “Ahh I wish I saw that sooner.” 😏 I shot a glance to the bride and groom only to see them getting into their car to head to their reception. I quickly pepped talked myself... “Do it Megan. You’ll regret not getting these shots. Do it. Hurry... now is your last chance.” The bride was literally climbing in and closing her door and I yelled out “Emily!” She paused, “Yeah?” I pointed out the dope looking car and said “If you’re up for getting pictures with that car, I’ve never seen a stranger tell a bride ‘no’”. Without missing a beat Emily said “Let’s do it!” Within seconds we had found the owner who was more than happy to let these two get some shots in front of his car. We drew a bit of a crowd. I mean... look at them. 😍 Complete strangers were snapping pics on their cell phones lol. 
Not too terribly long ago I would have continued walking to my car after thinking “Ahh I wish I saw that sooner.” I’m really working on being more bold and taking chances for “THE shot.” I’ve always worried about inconveniencing people. “Ah we went a little over on our shoot, it’s hot, they’re probably over it. Oh well...” I’ve learned that the biggest inconvenience you can be to your clients as a photographer is by stifling your creativity or comprising your vision. YOU are the artist and your clients trust you. I heard a similar message a little while back and man, did I need to hear it. Maybe there is another photographer needing a little boost of encouragement and if that’s you... show ‘em what you got you talented thing you!!