Meet The Team

Due to the demand in business for Megan Mahoney Photography, LLC, we have recently expanded the company and called on those with talent and experience to help aid Megan Mahoney Photography be in two places at once.  Primary Shooter's are the head photographer for a job, they are responsible for communicating with the client and second shooter while photographing an event. Second Shooter's aid the Primary Shooter with whatever they need. They are often hired by Megan Mahoney Photography for large events that have multiple things going on at the same time. Second Shooter's are great for the purpose of efficiency.  At this time, Megan Shank (maiden name, Mahoney) is the only editor for the company to ensure a consistent look and style seen on the website. That being said however, if a major touch up is required the client can receive a quote from Megan Mahoney Photography and the image can be outsourced for retouching. We are so thrilled and honestly, blessed to be able to take this next step as a team, it is your support and business that has brought us to this milestone. Thank you. 


Megan Mahoney Shank

Owner, Head Photographer & Editor

I grew up in front of my mom's camera. She was always taking photos of my brother and I as kids. Photography was definitely a passion of hers and grew to be a passion of mine as I began to get older. In middle school I would take disposable camera's with me on field trips, in high school I would often spend my lunch period in the school's dark room developing film and at night I would be up late editing digital photos and learning what I could with my editing software. I attended the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies in Daytona, Florida and graduated college in the Spring of 2013. I was doing freelance photography throughout my college career and since then my company has legitimized and grown into what it is today. 

I love working with people, but more importantly I love to provide people with memories that last. Images are meant to be shared with those that we love and held close to our hearts. 

Kacy Pember 

Primary Shooter & Second Shooter

I am a wedding, portrait, & lifestyle photographer located in the beautiful Sunshine State.

I have been in love with photography ever since the first time I picked up a camera. 

I have been photographing professionally for 4 years and have had the pleasure of meeting and working with Megan, who I have been shooting weddings with for 3 years. 

Photography makes my world go round & there are few things I love as much as documenting real moments and genuine connections. I love capturing photos that take you back to a moment you can hold on to forever.